Kirkpatrick Leather Texas Strong Side (TSS) Holster


Ronin Armory has partnered up with Kirkpatrick Leather and for a limited time we're bringing you the quality holsters that they've sold for the past 68 years without the waiting period! When you place your order it will only take us 2-3 days to box it up and ship it to you! These holsters are in stock and ready to ship. If you'd like a holster for a different gun there will be a waiting period just email us at

Please note that these products are only available in brown color as shown on pictures!

A favorite among shooters and law enforcement, the TSS allows outside the belt carry while still maintaining a low profile. Great for off duty & concealed carry, the TSS also works well for competition. Full-grip access allows you to draw and shoot without readjusting your grip. A sewn 1 ½” belt channel with rear belt pulls the pistol close to the body.

  • Reinforced top for one-hand holstering.
  • Molded sight rail for a smooth draw.
  • Offset belt slot stabilizes pistol angle.
  • Double stitched at stress points for durability.
  • Gun-specific hand molding.