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Here at Ronin Armory we pride ourselves on bringing the best product to our patrons. To do that we offer a plethora of services ranging from gun cleanings and repair to sight-ins and Cerakote. If you have any other services that you would like done that we do not typically do, our friendly staff here at Ronin Armory are more than happy to answer any questions here at our Arena Gun Club location.

Here at Ronin Armory we take pride in providing some of the best quality services in South Texas. From cleanings to cerakote, from sight-ins to AR15 trigger installation, we here at Ronin Armory offer a wide range of services to our new and most loyal patrons.

                                  Below is a list of services. For more info, pricing, and availability please do not hesitate to contact us!

– Diagnoses
-Pistol Cleaning
-Rifle Cleaning
-Sonic Pistol
-Sonic Rifle
-Sight in
-Bore Sight
-Cerakote Pistol Slide Solid
-Cerakote pistol solid
-Cerakote rifle solid
-Cerakote pistol slide camo
-Cerakote pistol camo
-Cerakote rifle camo
-push sights install
-sight fitting install
-Scope mounting
– RMR Install
-RMR Sight In
-shockwave barrel threading
-Stripped screw removal 
-Butt Pad installation fitting
-Glass Bedding
-Sling swivels install
-Gold Plating (accents)
-Glock/Sig trigger install
-1911 trigger fitting
-Glock/sig slide stop install
-Steel pistol slide stop fitting
-Barrel nut fitting
-Beaver tail fitting
-safety control fitting
-mainsrting housing fitting
– Recoil spring adjustment (tune)
-AR15 Gas tuning
-Ar15 Full assembly
-Ar15 lower assembly
-Ar15 trigger install
-Ar15 Selector
-Ar15 bolt catch
-Ar15 Mag release
-Ar15 Buffer tube installation
-Ar15 staking
-Ar15 Pivot pin assembled
-Ar15 Pivot pin disassembled
-Ar15 Barrel install
-Ar15 Rail install
-Ar15 Gas block install
-Ar15 carrier key installation
– Ar15 Muzzle device crush washer
-Ar15 Timed muzzle device
-Ar15 barrel dimple
-Ar15 pin and weld
-PDQ Installation
-AR15 Bore sight
-Stuck round removal
-Ar15 Dust cover install
-Glock/Sig trigger install
-Ar15 upper lapping
-Cerakote pistol barrel
-Cerakote rifle barrel
-Charging handle latch replacement
-Ar15 trigger guard install
-Scope Mount and Sight in Combo
-AR15 Gas Port drill
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